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    In VALSARDO we preserve the quality and nature of the wines, exalting purity and the natural and harmonial composition of the substances contained in the mature wine.

    The most traditional wine making methods are preserved. However, the most advanced technology is also used. From the initial care in the plant, the grapes' selection, the fermentation... everything leads to the objective: creating a very fine wine keeping its natural substance.

    Vineyards have reached an outstanding phenolic maturity, and an eminently good and unusual balance of acidity-sugar-drained pomace (EXTRACT). This balance of the grapes let us obtain an exceptional natural wine.

    Grant yourself some Luxury, enjoy a Valsardo

    Privado de Valsardo 2000 Valdeyuso 2001 Valsardo 1998 Valsardo 1999 Valsardo 2001 Reserva Valsardo 1998 Reserva Superior
    Valsardo 2001 Reserva Superior Magnum Valsardo 1998 Reserva Superior Magnum 1999 Reserva Valsardo Kosher
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