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    At present, VALSARDO owns 9 hectares of vineyard, where 22.000 vines are in full production. Their grapes are homogeneous, of a very high quality and are balanced-grown in the cluster itself.

    It's composed of 3 naves:

    - The Wine-Making nave, with 170.000 litres capacity.
    - The ageing nave in barrils, with 428 French Allier Oak barrils (225l.).
    - The "settling in bottles" nave, or ageing of wine in bottle.

    Moreover there is a Building for the expansion of culture of wine, with an audio-visual and conference room devoted for the cultural promotion. It is very important for all visitors to know in deep the processes from the vine to the wine.

    The facilities include a Laboratory to carry out the elaboration control monitorings of the wine, as well as the support functions to the different lines of research.

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    Bodegas Valsardo
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